Ana Carrasco

Ana Carrasco Picture of Mariola Kugler

Malababa is the fruit of the imagination of Ana Carrasco, who designs all the collections of the brand. With a Degree in Pharmacy, her passion for color, art and fashion accessories made her be interested in the world of design from a very young. Ana used to spend her free time designing and manufacturing accessories, that would soon be available in various selling points across Spain. After the recognition received by professionals of the World of Fashion and the public, Ana created with her husband, Jaime Lara, the workshop in which every Malababa piece is designed. Interested in the color and the durability of the objects, Ana has been able to imprint her designs with energy of their own. Her interest in creating an ideology of royalty-free beauty marks and her evolution as a designer, has led to the consolidation of Malababa as a unique brand. The quality of every piece is her obsession.