Malababa's history



Malababa was founded in 1997 by Ana Carrasco and Jaime Lara. From 2000 to 2003 Malababa increased the number of selling points in Spain to participate in different fairs nationwide. At the same time they were also involved in several editions of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week with top designers.


usa, japan, uk , china

It soon broke into international markets like USA, France, Japan, China, Italy, UK, UAE, thanks to high-level international fairs as Tranoi in Paris.



In 2010 Malababa opened its first store, located at Lagasca 68, in the heart of Madrid, and in the following months two more stores were opened also in Madrid, the first one at Santa Teresa 5, also at the city center, and the second one in Moraleja Green Shopping Center.



Today Malababa is present in over 50 selling points across Spain and over 100 internationally. Malababa is a brand ambassador for Spain in the field of fashion and accessory design and through its online store, it expands worldwide.