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Finding the perfect present
for your mum is very easy.

50€ - 100€

Nature and geometry
inspired jewelery,
or an ecological foulard.

  1. Arrecife Short necklace
  2. Arrecife Multi earring
  3. Arrecife Short necklace with golden coral shaped piece
  4. Sabina Big cotton foulard clay
  5. Rio Triple small oval necklace
  6. PETALOS Small earrings dark nude
  7. Janis Medium oval earring golden
  8. Petalos Small hoop earrings blue

100€ - 200€

A practical wallet,
in an optimist colour.

  1. Jimbo Leather wallet pink mauve
  2. Pochola Large leather wallet sky
  3. SisleyLovesMalababa Pack
    £274 £192
  4. Jimbo Small wallet nude
  5. Jimbo Leather wallet acqua
  6. Jimbo Small wallet black
  7. Jimbo Leather wallet tan
  8. Pochola Large leather wallet pink mauve

200€ - 500€

A bag for life,
made in Spain by
the best artisans, in excellent
quality leather.

  1. Pia Small Bag whith hand handle mustard
  2. Clea Medium bag nude
  3. Marion Leather Clutch petroleum
  4. Bobo Leather shoulder bag clay
  5. Pia Small Bag whith hand handle acqua
  6. Minihontas Clutch bag dark pink
  7. Clea Medium bag black
  8. Marion Leather Clutch acqua

More reasons why your
present will be perfect:

Environmentally responsible packaging:
Our boxes are made with FSC
certified cardboard and paper
(coming from responsibly grown
forests) and bags are made of
cotton with a European

Besides, if you like, we can include
a beautiful hand-written personalised
gift message.