What lies deepest is the skin

- Paul Valery

Skin that is inhabited, skin that is felt; skin that is nourished everyday and whose beauty increases with time. Malababa returns to the origins (the primary, the essential) and uses leather —unique material— to make each accessory a living, enduring object. With color as a starting point, ideas take shape under expert hands; hands that transfer a particular story to the pieces they touch. Respect. Simplicity. Humility. A commitment to a warm and honest luxury, outcome of the work of a devoted team. The result? Kind items, designed for a woman as open to the world as she is true to herself. Beyond design, Malababa conceives products which are full of meaning.

in skin

Malababa is committed to a way of being and doing; to a way of feeling what you hold in in your hands. At the heart of their Madrid workshop, ideas awaken; ideas that later come to life following an entirely artisanal process. Vegetable tanning, ecological dyes, development of colors, careful techniques, meticulous finishes. With leather as main root, Malababa applies its values to various ramifications, exploring possibilities and learning along the way. Bags, shoes, jewelry, decoration: experienced craftsmen pour their knowledge into each piece, establishing a personal bond with the products. That’s the path to creating beautiful and functional accessories, pleasant to all senses; objects to be linked with, fragments of an intimate universe built collection after collection.

Designed &
in Spain