The collaboration

Malababa and Sisley share their principles of commitment to the environment and an absolute consistency about their identity.

Rational beauty

Beauty, in the world of cosmetics and fashion, has the responsibility of looking after the environment and being consistent and respectful towards itself and towards others; throughout its manufacture and also as an end product.

We have to look after ourselves, after what we buy and after the world

The bouquet includes:

  • Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid, which beautifies the skin thanks to the antiageing properties of black rose, and brings us to the heart of an unexplored rose bush with its textures, aromas and colour.
  • Three travel-size products for a complete face ritual.
  • An upcycled leather case, made with high quality, very soft lambskin.
  • Pétalos earrings, an iconic Malababa design in powdery colours, created exclusively for Sisley and manufactured artisanally in Madrid.
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